Ying & Yang by Jace H.

Every dog just like every human is different in their own unique way but I have a question for you; how many times have you heard the whole “opposites attract” idea? That is LT and Vertigo but…. Vertigo is in love with LT and LT is just in love with putting Vertigo in his place any chance he gets! 

Now, I could sit here and make a list of the 500 things that are completely different between them but I will list a few fun stories below to help you grasp the extent of their complete opposite personalities. 

The other day the two pups were “playing” with a toy and I thought to myself how cute it was and went to start recording them. As I start to record, I figure out what is going on I yell at LT to get Vertigo’s leg out of his mouth! You see, Vertigo loves any attention he can get and unfortunately, I think LT knows this… The best part is that I swear I could read Vertigo’s mind while this was happening and it probably went something like this; “Doesn’t LT know he isn’t chewing on the toy and he is mistaking my leg for the toy! LT is so funny!” Although Vertigo might think it was an accident, I know that LT loves having a real life squeaky toy which is, unfortunately, his younger brother!

Another example is the difference in their attitude (tude as we call it). LT ONLY whimpers when you first get home and everything else is nothing but growls with some serious Tude! Now LT has never bitten anyone or even taken anything too far when playing but when the two are wrestling and playing all you can hear is one dog whimpering while the other sounds like he is part of a wild pack of wolves after a fresh kill! Now before you feel too sorry for Vertigo I want you to know that Vertigo LOVES playing with LT. I personally have no clue how or why because I can’t see how it would be enjoyable for a 12 pound Chinese Crested Powderpuff to be on top of you trying to eat you alive but as soon as LT starts to move on to something else, Vertigo is right back at him trying to do it all over again! 

LT and Vertigo do love each other but while Vertigo just loves LT for who he is, I fear that LT only loves to dominate everyone in the house (with the exception of me) and loves to have a live squeaky toy for his own amusement! BTW, did I ever tell you what LT stands for? It stands for Little Turd and he lives up to his name EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

-Jace H. 

The video below is a great example of LT & Vertz “playing”. ;P

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