Merry Christmas!

It’s been a crazy long time since I posted anything but the holidays have been so busy! November and December always fly by!

The pups got plenty of new toys yesterday and played until they passed out. ūüôā

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.

The picture above is of Jace and his parents, Randy and Becky. They come over to visit often but we always forget to take pictures. Finally got one when they came to dinner yesterday! 

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LT is 2!

Our beloved Little Turd turned 2 on Monday! He was properly spoiled with new toys, treats, and lots of pets! He even got freshly baked meatballs. *See picture below in which his eyes are popping out of his head* He was a nice big brother and shared with Vertz. They both choked them down so quickly I’d be surprised if they even tasted them.

He also got to enjoy one of his favorite activities…giving Vertz the CHOMPS!

Vertz was all worn out after and had to take a nap on Jace’s ottoman.

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Cuddle Buddies

Jace and Vertigo are so cute together it makes me sick! Vertz is not a morning dog at all and every morning when I leave for work he is snuggled up next Jace. It makes me so upset that I have to leave! I want to stay in bed all day in a puppy sandwich! :'(

Vertz is such a little diva too…he always has to curl up underneath the covers like it’s freezing. But somehow he doesn’t realize that he leaves his paws hanging out.

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Don’t take my bone!

L.T. and Vertz have very different approaches to treats. L.T. swallows his as fast as possible and barely chews while Vertz likes to take his time. Lately this has gotten a little extreme. I’ll give a bone to both dogs and true to form L.T. gobbles his up lighting fast. Vertigo has noticed this and has decided he gets more pleasure out of teasing L.T. by “nannering” his bone in front of L.T. Like, “Oh, your bone is gone? I still have mine…”¬†

Last night I gave them both a bone went to bed and forgot about it. This morning shortly after getting to work I get a text from Jace telling me that he found Vertz under a blanket still curled around the bone from last night. XP

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One of L.T.’s fav activities…chomping!!

Have you ever purchased a cat toy for your pups? I highly recommend it, so fun!

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Ying & Yang by Jace H.

Every dog just like every human is different in their own unique way but I have a question for you; how many times have you heard the whole “opposites attract” idea? That is LT and Vertigo but…. Vertigo is in love with LT and LT is just in love with putting Vertigo in his place any chance he gets!¬†

Now, I could sit here and make a list of the 500 things that are completely different between them but I will list a few fun stories below to help you grasp the extent of their complete opposite personalities. 

The other day the two pups were “playing” with a toy and I thought to myself how cute it was and went to start recording them. As I start to record, I figure out what is going on I yell at LT to get Vertigo’s leg out of his mouth! You see, Vertigo loves any attention he can get and unfortunately, I think LT knows this… The best part is that I swear I could read Vertigo’s mind while this was happening and it probably went something like this; “Doesn’t LT know he isn’t chewing on the toy and he is mistaking my leg for the toy! LT is so funny!” Although Vertigo might think it was an accident, I know that LT loves having a real life squeaky toy which is, unfortunately, his younger brother!

Another example is the difference in their attitude (tude as we call it). LT ONLY whimpers when you first get home and everything else is nothing but growls with some serious Tude! Now LT has never bitten anyone or even taken anything too far when playing but when the two are wrestling and playing all you can hear is one dog whimpering while the other sounds like he is part of a wild pack of wolves after a fresh kill! Now before you feel too sorry for Vertigo I want you to know that Vertigo LOVES playing with LT. I personally have no clue how or why because I can’t see how it would be enjoyable for a 12 pound Chinese Crested Powderpuff to be on top of you trying to eat you alive but as soon as LT starts to move on to something else, Vertigo is right back at him trying to do it all over again!¬†

LT and Vertigo do love each other but while Vertigo just loves LT for who he is, I fear that LT only loves to dominate everyone in the house (with the exception of me) and loves to have a live squeaky toy for his own amusement! BTW, did I ever tell you what LT stands for? It stands for Little Turd and he lives up to his name EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

-Jace H. 

The video below is a great example of LT & Vertz “playing”. ;P

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Vertz turns 1!

We celebrated Vertigo’s 1st Birthday on Saturday and I probably had more fun than either of the dogs. ūüėõ There were presents, cake, and even balloons! I tried out this cake mix “puppy cake” just for dogs I found on Amazon. It didn’t look tasty to me but both pups gobbled it up. ¬†

We love you Vertz! Here’s to another year of walkies, zoomies, borks, meeps, and general shenanigans!

Dogs aren’t really fans of balloons…haha

I love how awkward Vertz looks in this picture below. Like, “Omg Mom, put me down you’re embarrassing me”.

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I follow my nose.

Let’s clear this up, I don’t just go around eating dog treats all the time. But if it looks like a cookie and smells like a cookie…it was good and I don’t regret it!

Since it’s TBT here are a couple pics of L.T. and Vertz when they were itty bitties! Is there anything better than teeny-tiny, plump ¬†puppies?!?

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GROSS! Seleena has PROBS!

My entire professional career has been in or revolved around sales which means I really like numbers. A lot of my posts will have numbers and I will be the first to admit that they might not be verifiable, but you will most likely agree with me!

I think it is safe to say that 95% of pet owners at one point or another have come across a can of pet food, one of the millions of treats or even some pill pocket coated with something that smells pretty good that you, for even a split second, have considered “Hmmm, I wonder if that tastes as good as it smells.”

Now here is the thing… the 95% of us usually just leave the curiosity right there and move on with our lives just knowing that our little pets are¬†getting something that is potentially human grade quality. Then there are THOSE people…¬†

Funny little story is that this week Seleena and I were talking about this new dog treat that looks like an oreo cookie that is peanut flavored I told her that they smelled really good and without skipping a beat she replies, “They taste amazing too!”¬†

WTH! Who tastes a dog treat (tastes could probably be replaced with eats for all I know) and admits it?? As the title says, Seleena has PROBS! Anyone else out there who admits they have enjoyed a pet treat is going on my list of weirdos! 

-Jace H.

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The Truth!

Look, I fully support Seleena and her blog but I think we need something you might not get from just her standpoint and I like to call that “the truth!” You see, Seleena comes home from work and walks into the house and her natural reaction is to give them both a treat. “What for?” you may ask… The world is still searching for that answer! When I say to her “What the hell! Why do they get treats?!?” she typically replies with how cute they look or how she was wanting to give them a treat all day at work or something! Who gives treats for them looking cute or just because?!?!?¬†

You see, the truth is that our pups are two spoiled little turds! I know you are reading this and thinking “no way those cute little dogs are turds” but boy oh boy, do I have some stories that might make you change your mind!¬†

Let me ask you this… Have you ever had a pet get through the fence of your yard, literally sneak into your neighbors house WITHOUT them knowing, hang out inside of their house, poop in their kids room and trot out of there like they own the place? If yes, you also might have a turd as a pet!¬†

Don’t worry, I will be here to ensure that all of you get to hear and see the truth of these two “innocent little pups!”

– Jace H.

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